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Descriere: Nota: la gradinita, pentru invatarea unor prime notiuni ale limbii engleze, acest cantec s-ar potrivi... parerea mea!

Categoria: Muzica, Artisti
Primita de la: Chris (nu este autorul)
Vizualizari: 6778 in total, 2 pe zi
Descarcari: 411 in total, 0 pe zi

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Comentarii (10)

IBujS3 egfpsrbqjokl

viugpjrk, 12.08.2011, 11:03

Perfect de acord. Asa ma gandeam si eu... :D
A, si inca ceva:
Abia acum e totul clar... si complet. :))

no name / steaua fara nume / Alexandra D / o femeie / no kidding / nostradamus / Loredana / cat woman, 13.08.2011, 03:21

Vezi decalaju' nefericit - cam asa suna semnatura, no kidding!
Vrei sa-ti traduc si textul ?

englezu, 13.08.2011, 14:03

No thanks. :D
I do speak English quite well. Don't need any translations.
Anyway there's no big difference between the text and the signature; I got it all from the beginning. :))
But a little bit of music would be very interesting... Can you sing along with the Beatles, by any chance? :)
Thank you very much for your generous offer. I'm very sorry to decline it.
Nice to meet you, "viugpjrk englezu"! ;)
No kidding! :))

no name / steaua fara nume / Alexandra D / o femeie / no kidding / nostradamus / Loredana / cat woman, 13.08.2011, 14:50

Really ? I don't think so. Or you wrote that ? Be my guest, please translate the text. Just for me. Nice to meet you too, man !

englezu, 13.08.2011, 22:32

No, I didn't write that... But I was just kidding about that nice comment. :D That's my name! ;)
That text doesn't need any translations... anyone can understand it.
It has been written in Esperanto... :D it's an universal language... :))
But your impetuous reaction made me believe that you posted that comment. Because you were just defending your wounded pride... :D
If you didn't, sorry; my mistake!
I don't know you, so I won't do anything "just for you"... :)) Sorry again!
Especially because I'm a woman... :)) :)) :))
But... nice to meet you anyway!
no kidding :))

no name / steaua fara nume / Alexandra D / o femeie / no kidding / nostradamus / Loredana / cat woman, 14.08.2011, 00:54

I thought you're a man. I'm sorry for misunderstanding, madam !
Have you nice day !

englezu, 14.08.2011, 05:06

I understand your mistake and I accept your excuses.
I think like a man, I talk like a man, I joke like a man, I defend my pride and ideas like a man... but I'm just a woman... :)) all the rest is perfectly fine with me... :))

What's the difference, anyway? :D
If I was a man, should I understand that we would still be fighting in acid comments? :P
If I am a woman, should I understand that I have to stop and go to my place in the kitchen? :D
Sorry, I won't do that. :D I'm perfectly capable to fight any man and beat him with his own weapons. :P
Any man who doesn't run so scared, like you did. :D
But I need no fight, no war, no polemics... No kidding! :))
So I stop right here.

As I said before... it's all clear now... and very funny too... :))
Nice day to you too.
And... nice to meet you, man! :D
I love English... :)) :)) :)) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to practice a little bit. :D

no name / steaua fara nume / Alexandra D / o femeie / no kidding / nostradamus / Loredana / cat woman, 14.08.2011, 08:15

Tanti ma scuzati daca nu inteleg ce spuneti. Eu sunt o persoana pasnica si nu stiu decat sah, la alte lupte nu ma pricep.
La noi in familie mama gateste fiindca daca ar face asta tata, am fugi de acasa !
D-voastra sunteti o fericita daca nu intrati pe acolo ! Imseamna ca a-ti gasit barbatul ideal !
Saru-mana tanti, o zi excelenta si La multi ani, poate va cheama Maria

englezu, 14.08.2011, 14:08

It would have been more interesting if you said it in English, you Englishman... :P
"Be my guest, please translate the text. Just for me"... :))
I have seen before what a peaceful person you are... sorry... you don't fool me... :D
And I notice that you have misunderstood what I said.
So you don't speak English that well... nor Romanian. :D Be more careful with the hyphens: "ati gasit", for example. :D
I'm perfectly able to cook in the kitchen... And I'm also able to calm down a naughty little boy like you... :D I was just saying that it's MY choice what to do and when to do it - not yours. :))
No, I haven't found the perfect man yet... If I would've found him, I'd be in the kitchen right now, cooking something special for him. :D That's why I stay on-line so much, losing my time with you, for example. :))

I hope it's all clear now... finally... D
My name is NOT Maria... bad luck... :))
But thanks for your kind wishes anyway.
I have nothing more to say. I don't give lessons of good behaviour, grammar and nice manners... not for free, anyway. :))

no name / steaua fara nume / Alexandra D / o femeie / no kidding / nostradamus / Loredana / cat woman, 14.08.2011, 15:08


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