Czech Republic (Bohemian Central Mountains) - Vladimír, Steve

The Bohemian Central Mountains (Böhmisches Mittelgebirge in German) is an area created by volcanic activity with an area of 1265 km². More than 84 % belong to the Protected Landscape Area, established in 1976. The highest point is Milešovka with a height of 836 m above sea level. The Elbe Valley forms the axis of the Central Highlands. The streams exposed the solidified subsurface magma and deepened the valley, thus the Bohemian Central Mountains acquired a majestic landscape character.. Forests cover less than 30 % of the territory. The southwest of the area is one of the warmest and driest places in the country. The rural settlement structure predominates, given the dense network of small villages and settlements. A number of medieval castles, fortresses, chateaux and other aristocratic residences also testify to the rich history.

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